Dose CBD Simplified
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

DOSE on a Mission

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality CBD products in easy to use, disposable devices that support better delivery of CBD to the body through vaporization with no experience necessary.

Around the world there are growing numbers of adults enjoying the non-psychoactive benefits of using quality CBD products. Based on recent studies, the benefits of a CBD formula can be delayed when using a tincture or edible version that is absorbed in the body through the digestive track. Although there are many users that experience their desired benefits from other forms of consumption, there are now studies that show there is greater bioavailability when CBD is vaporized and absorbed through lung tissues. This means there are users out there that have never vaporized anything and may not know where to begin. The DOSE is a great place to start; You don’t have to fill it, charge it or carry around tools to keep it going.

All-American Matters

We are confident that our Colorado based growers remain diligent in organically cultivating the highest quality, CBD rich hemp in the USA. The industry standards and legal limit for CBD products can contain up to .03% of psychoactive THC by weight. If you are a user that cannot take the chance of having any of THC present, we have tested and retested and we will continue to test every batch for your peace of mind. By using our patented extraction process and rigorous testing, we can be certain of the presence of natural terpenes (that will vary by harvest) and beneficial cannabinoids that deliver the quality effects expected in a superior CBD product.

How much should I use?

You’re in charge! It is always best to start small and use more as needed until desired effect is reached. The absence of THC allows you to experiment worry-free. Of course, for the safety of our users, we would like to remind you to always speak with a medical professional if you are concerned about interactions of any CBD use with your current medical regiment(s).